Pink Tourmaline Rough Crystal

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Keep Pink Tourmaline on you to enhance self-confidence and strengthen commitment and devotion. It is believed to promote a sense of loyalty and dedication, making it easier to stay committed to your relationships, work, or personal projects. It is said to enhance empathy and sensitivity, which can improve your ability to connect with and care for others.

Affirmation: "I have deep love and respect for myself and for others"

Associated Zodia Signs: Aries, Libra


Made in 18k solid white gold, yellow gold, rose gold.

Length 45 cm (18")

Each one of these pieces is unique. Rough crystals come in the state they were originally found in. The displayed images are indicative of what the crystal looks like. The actual stone you will receive will vary slightly in size, shape and feel. It is preferable not to expose the stone to water or sweat.